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After six months of travelling and living in Ukraine, I have compiled a list of things you should know about Ukraine. I have compiled this guide to Ukraine after splitting it into three visits in 2018, 2019 and 2020. After six weeks of travelling around the country, we have compiled below a list of things we knew and lived in Ukraine during our six-month trip.

The daily express train Intersiti 763 leaves Kiev at 16: 30 for Odessa and arrives at Od Vanessa at 23: 44. The daily high-speed train from Kiev to Vienna left Kiev at 13.07 and arrived in Vienna (Central Station) at 11.21 the next day.

The daily high-speed train from Kiev to Krakow (Glowny) left Kiev at 06: 00 (11: 20), departed at 13: 31 and arrived at 12: 32. The daily express train Intersiti 763 from Vienna to Odessa (main station), which leaves at 15: 50 and arrives at 19: 06 from Krasnodar, and the daily express train from Vienna (main station) to Kiev, which leaves at 05: 05 and arrives at 16: 54 in Krajow / Glowy. She leaves Kiev at 06: 50 (13: 55), arrives at Kraczew - Krzyszczek (Kramatorsk) at 14: 30 and departs from 15: 06.

The Kiev Express leaves Warsaw Centralna at 18.05 and arrives at Kiev Central Station at 11.11 the next morning. You can easily book a return journey from London to Kiev from the UK via Eurostar or Deutsche Bahn, which connects London to Warsaw. The train from Kiev back to Warsaw can be booked in advance, with a reservation for the outbound flight at the same price as the outbound flight to the east. Then the express train will be boarded, leaving Kiev at 19: 00 (18: 05), arriving in Kraczew - Krzyszczek (Kramatorsk) at 14: 30 and arriving in Krasnodar / Glowy at 16: 54.

If you have a problem and want a one-way ticket from Ukraine, you can book the Vienna-Kiev train in advance, with tickets booked or delivered by courier for a small fee. Another possibility is to ask for a ticket for Kiev - Warsaw - Berlin. As Polrail has close contact with the Ukrainian Railways, we can contact them to arrange a return booking to Kiev.

However, reservations for overnight stays from Ukraine are sometimes difficult to obtain for return trips to Kiev and Warsaw. One of the most efficient ways to get to Ukraine from different continents is to fly to Kiev with the Ukrainian airline. Ukrainian train stations where your journey starts with fully computerized reservations and booked train tickets.

There is no reason to worry about safety on Ukrainian trains, and there are many Ukrainians who travel this route themselves, including families and women who travel alone. It is possible to travel from London by train to Kiev (Kiev in Ukrainian) or Kiev (Kiev in Russian). And that's simple. There are many different ways to travel to Ukraine from different parts of the world such as Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

A 5-hour journey from Kiev to Lviv costs around UAH 1,000, while a 3-day trip to Minsk (the capital of Ukraine) from London costs UAH 480. There are trains that run from Kiev through M Belarus, but make sure you get a visa in advance. Ukraine is safe if you are in the far east of the country, where there is an ongoing territorial dispute with Russia. If you plan to cross the border into Ukraine from Russia, please read our guide to cross the border in Belgorod and Kharkiv if you plan to cross into Russia from Kharkiv.

There is a fast InterCity train leaving Kiev in the late afternoon, which costs UAH 6h56 in 1st class and UAH 465 (about $18), and UAH 465 in 2nd class. Odessa to Kiev by Kiev Express leaving Kiev Central Station at 18: 48, train 106 arriving in Kiev at 07: 10 and leaving Odessa at 22: 25. There is another of the fastest intercity trains leaving Kiev in the late afternoon, leaving at 6H56 and arriving in Warsaw Central at 10.05 the next morning. In Odissa you can get to the main train station, the Odesa Express (train 106), and at 19: 45 you can get to Kherson station.

The Kiev - Lviv - Przemysl train is an intelligent, air-conditioned Ukrainian electric express train, which was introduced in December 2016. Kiev can now be reached by express trains and overnight hotels in Berlin and Krakow are used. The Pr Zdzislaw - Kiev train (train 106) is an air-conditioned daily train from Odessa to Kiev on the Kiev Express, the fastest intercity train in the country. This is one of the most efficient and cost-effective Ukrainian air-conditioned express trains in Europe and the first of its kind in Ukraine since its introduction in 2016, at a cost of 1,500 UAH in 1st class and 2,000 Uah in 2nd class.

More About Kiev

More About Kiev