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Hyatt Regency Kiev is a 5-star hotel located in the heart of the historic city centre of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Located in the heart of the historic city, this hotel offers a modern, modern design with a wide range of modern amenities. Hyatts Regencies Kiev offers guests an indoor swimming pool and fitness centre, as well as a full-service restaurant, bar, fitness centre and fitness centre.

The lounge offers outdoor dining on a panoramic terrace overlooking St. Sophia Square and the Cathedral, and a private dining area overlooking the city centre.

More popular amenities include an indoor pool and Wi-Fi, and the restaurant features a full-service bar, private dining area and bar area. It's a great place to check in and out for a quick lunch or dinner or a night on the town, but Hotwire provides feedback as well as comments. A. We would be happy to welcome you back to ensure that you work - out and give you the room amenities you are looking for. This is the largest hotel at the Hyatt Regency Kiev, so check it out if you're looking for a room with amenities.

You can call Hyatt Regency Kiev to confirm your reservation using the telephone number provided. All hotel bookings are confirmed and guaranteed in Kiev, Ukraine, and reservations are permitted 24 hours a day for those made through our hotel computer system.

The information collected may be transmitted, processed and stored in the country in which we are located and maintained, or may be disclosed to third parties within the European Union (EEA) or the United States of America (USA). The processing of your personal data by third parties includes the transmission of data from Ukraine or EECE.

The InterContinental Hotel is directly across the street from the Hyatt, and the D Priority Club is only available to Hyatt guests. Make sure you travel to Ukraine when you go there. The Intercontinental Hotel is right Opposite the Hyatt is the d Priority Club, which is just steps away. Make sure you stay in the hotel, if your travels take you to Ukraine, make sure you are not over - book your hotel room.

Limo Town car service is available during your stay in Kiev at Hyatt Regency Kyiv and you are within walking distance of both.

Although the hotel is expensive by local standards, it is still a great place to stay in Kiev, even if it is expensive by local standards. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, making it one of Kiev's most popular hotels. Although the hospital and hotel are expensive (by local standards), it is still a great place to stay in Ukraine. While the hospitals and hotels are affordable (by local standards), the hotels are also a great place to stay

This luxury hotel can take your breath away - and admire the old town with its most beautiful views, as well as a range of restaurants, bars and shops. This luxurious hotel offers a magnificent view of the Old Town of Kiev, from the top of a hill to the heart of Kiev's Old Town.

At the heart of the hotel is the lobby lounge, where visitors can relax in the urban hustle and bustle of an international hotel. Hyatt Regency Kiev is one of the most luxurious hotels in Ukraine, with a range of restaurants, bars and shops, overlooking the breathtaking Old Town, home to many of Kiev's main historical attractions. Perched on a hill overlooking the beautiful Old Town, a historic city centre in Kiev, Ukraine, Hyatts Regencies Kiev Hotel is a modern, contemporary hotel. Overlooking a stunning old town that houses many of Ukraine's most important historical landmarks, it is a luxury hotel with an impressive view over the old town and the city center of Ukraine, Kiev.

Experience a wide range of restaurants and bars at Hyatt Regency Kiev on a culinary journey. With a stunning onyx fireplace, the lobby lounge serves European and Ukrainian specialities and offers a unique selection of fine Cog brandies. The atmosphere will tempt you to find inner peace, and no other hotel in Kiev offers so many opportunities for relaxation as the Hyatts Regencies Kiev Hotel.

Bar # 8 is located on the second floor of Hyatt Regency Kiev Hotel, just a short walk from the lobby lounge and views of quiet Kiev.

If you haven't had a chance to use it, the hotel has Club Olympus, which is on level one, but it is a Category 5 World Hyatt hotel, meaning that a free night would cost you at least $1,000 for one night and $2,500 for two nights.

F fully refundable rates and free cancellations, including hotel rooms, meals and other amenities, as well as free parking and guest parking.

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