Kiev Ukriane Hilton Hotel

The Intercontinental Kiev has a long history as one of the most popular hotels in Ukraine, with a reputation as the most luxurious and luxurious hotel in the world.

Enjoy your home away from home in one of the stylish and luxurious suites, which offer a wide range of amenities including a private balcony, private terrace and private pool. The Presidential Suite is the finest and most spacious accommodation, with various areas for relaxing, eating and working. The beautifully designed suite offers floor-to-ceiling natural light and a private balcony with views of the city and river, as well as an outdoor terrace.

There are a number of restaurants, including a French restaurant inspired by the classic Parisian style. French restaurants are very chic, but we recommend you pass on the French classics and try Ukrainian options instead. The Hilton's facilities are especially suitable for young and old - in the heart - and for old and young.

I usually have a lot of things I want to do, so I will usually try to sit down in one of the many restaurants in the hotel, such as the café or bar. I like a good restaurant, but I would prefer it to be outside, otherwise it absorbs too much time. If you spend your time in a restaurant where there is nothing to see and you have no other guests around you, you will probably spend much more time than if you were sitting.

I try to visit every country in the world, but it is not always so easy to coordinate with other people. I take every opportunity to travel and I am very lucky to have been able to do so.

Of course you can book a room with club access, but I booked a cheap room And it started out as a normal run of things at £200 a night, which can make a point booking a good deal. At this time I booked two rooms, one in the main hotel and one on the second floor.

Looking at random data over the next few months, I could see that 270 euros (PS230 for 30,000 points) would equate to 0.76p per point.

I am certainly aware that the standard minimum IHG score is 0.4p per point, but that is not good. I like the fact that I collect points with the IhG Mastercard and get an incredible amount of Ambassador's free weekend night certificate if I use it well. My favorite hotel loyalty program is Hilton Honors because it offers guaranteed lounge access with diamond status. The downside is that it's so easy to get if you're American and have a credit card Doing the work, which means that the lounge at many Hiltons often seems to be crowded with guests who are just lying in bed. If you have ever stayed at a Hilton hotel in the UK or any other hotel in Europe or the US, I am sure you know that this is not good!

When you are asked to enter the lounge, you can see that you will not take up much space, be noisy or eat. The upside is that in my experience, intercontinental allowances are often much quieter than the average Hiltons. When I used the Regency Club, it was small and only a guest, but I guess it didn't really fill up, and I only saw this person once in the 4 days. I was there, so the downside was that I didn't even have access to the lounge at the Spire Ambassador.

The Regency Club only serves dinner in the evening, and then guests of the club can have breakfast in the hotel restaurant, but the food is only served in the evening.

In addition to the seating inside, you have a beautiful view over the city, and the choice is excellent. There are no dinner alternatives, although there are hot options, but they are not as good as the breakfast options in the hotel restaurant.

There is a rich breakfast buffet and in addition to the buffet you can order eggs to your taste. Start your day with a hearty breakfast with nutritious and light appetizers or enjoy innovative dishes prepared exclusively with fresh ingredients. Whether at the large desk with Wi-Fi or just with a cup of coffee in the hotel lounge. 24-hour room service offers a casual seating area where you can listen to your favourite music, watch a movie on TV or watch movies on TV.

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