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Kiev is one of the most underestimated cities in Europe, the capital of Ukraine and the second largest city in Eastern Europe after Paris. There are excellent budget accommodations with studios starting at $50 per night, but there are also some very expensive hotels with prices starting at $100 per night. If you just want to relax in the comfort of your own home, then this is the place to be, as Kiev is home to some of the most luxurious hotels, restaurants and hotels in Europe.

This is an excellent base for a large group, ideally equipped to cook a feast and relax with the family, and well located to explore the city.

There are several museums, including the National Art Museum of Ukraine, which is dedicated to the presentation of Ukrainian art. There is also a large collection of art galleries, galleries and museums in the city centre, as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

As mentioned before, transportation to and from Kiev is very convenient, especially if your accommodation is near a metro station. Our Lypky district hotel is also a short walk from the National Opera and the Chocolate House, a museum full of architectural wonders but not chocolate. We stayed at the metro station and are only a few blocks away from one of the most popular hotels in the city, the Hotel Dnipro.

In addition to a lovely room, the rooftop lounge and bar offers a beautiful view of the city and a beautiful view from the hotel's rooftop terrace. If you have the chance, go to the terraces to get one of your best views of Kiev.

Many rooms at Bursa Hotel Kyiv have a nice balcony from which you can enjoy a view of the bustling city. If you are only in Kiev for one day and want to stay somewhere so central at an affordable price, you should book a hotel on the left bank. Some of the hotels listed below are located near Maidan, so you will feel like a breath of fresh air. It is close to Borispol airport and you can take a train to international cities such as Budapest, Prague and Moscow.

The Bursa Hotel Kyiv has several room categories, the Wonderful Room is located somewhere in the middle, while the Attic Room is (transfer later). Two of my favourite things about this hotel are the light and the cleaning, which can be controlled with a panel. It is a great place to relax while exploring beautiful Kiev, while staying in the hotel and having dinner at home.

The rooms had a great view of the city and a beautiful view from the roof, as well as a good view over the river.

Overall, Khreschatyk City Center is one of the best hotels in the city and a great choice for a weekend getaway. Local attractions include Samkova Hora, which offers good views of Kiev and also leads up a hill. It is simply a nice place to spend the weekend in Kiev and will soon be considered the perfect place to escape the chaos of the Ukrainian city. The suites are not only super stylish, but also close to some of the city's most important attractions.

Stay at the Fairmont Grand Kiev will make you feel like stepping into a room at Versailles, if you only look at the beautiful interior. As the name suggests, the apartments in this hotel are located right in front of the National Theatre of Kiev. Don't forget to watch the show while you're there, it's one of the most important events in the city.

V on TripAdvisor, DREAM House Hostel is our top choice for budget accommodation in Kiev. We have selected some of the best hotels in Kiev to help you indulge in luxury during your stay. If you were very lucky with one of our hotel accommodations in Kiev, please leave us a comment in the section below with your thoughts on accommodations in and outside Ukraine. Hopefully you have had a wonderful trip to Ukraine and had a great time with all your friends, family and friends during your trip.

Perfect for a group of up to 6 people, LuxCenter Apartment offers real luxury accommodation in the city center of Kiev.

Fairmont Grand Hotel Kiev offers a full service hotel with swimming pool, spa, gym and wellness. Premier Palace Hotel features an award-winning restaurant, private pool, spa and fitness centre and state-of-the-art fitness centre.

Travel to the main railway station by Sky bus or taxi or flight to Kiev Boryspil International Airport, which is located just minutes from the hotel in the city center. This is one of the most centrally located hostels in Kiev, with a full-service hotel, a spa and fitness centre and a private pool. The hotel has three metro stations nearby and is within walking distance of all major tourist attractions such as the main train station and the metro station.

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More About Kiev